Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Week 9 Hilton Head Gang Search

THIS JUST IN...the Hilton Head Gang along with their fearless leader, Karin Jurick, will be participating in a gallery show at the Sedona Arts Center...The show is titled “A Sense of Place” and begins January 25th.  If you are in the Sedona area stop by to see if you can catch a glimpse of any Hilton Head Gang members. 

It is week 9 in the search for the Hilton Head Gang...the notorious members of Karin Jurick’s workshop.   The trail is still hot...so we shall continue on.  We are determined to feature one member each week until they are all accounted for.
Chris “the Moniker” Werst  comes by her alias honestly.  She misses nothing.    At beaches, Galleries, tourist attractions...She retains everything.  She is very proficient at finding out and remembering names of people, places and things.  She uses this to her advantage.  She will call your name and then act like she knows you...by the time you realize she is a stranger it is too late...you are digitally immortalized and destined to become canvas bound.  Her whereabouts is totally unknown as she does not...at this writing...have a blog.  


  1. Well done Maria - great to see the first 'Moniker-mug' on the web!
    I probably won't manage to paint mine this week but will definitely catch up as soon as possible.

    1. Thanks Regula! I am having such fun with this project! can't wait to see yours also!

  2. This looks great Maria! This was a fun one to do!

  3. Love this series and the write up on Chris is hilarious...I know Chris a bit from, well, maybe I shouldn't say her secret home town but my favorite thing is her gorgeous smile...I think she hides that when incognito!! Well done and love this!!

  4. Fabulous job! You really got her just 'pre-smile'! Gotta get more done to catch up!!!!

  5. Great job, Maria! I am far behind and need to catch up also.

  6. Maria you are an amazingly fast painter! It was hard to relate to this photo as Chris since she's missing that radiant smile - but you certainly captured that picture!


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