Tuesday, January 24, 2012


8 x 10
oil on board

This week's Daily Paintworks Challenge is to paint a seated figure.  I was able to take a snapshot of this unsuspecting woman resting on a bench in Paris while visiting last September.  It was fun to paint and brought back such wonderful memories of a great visit.  She also accommodated me by changing positions a number of times so you will probably see her again!


  1. Lovely painting, Maria. Paris is the best place for people watching, isn't it?

  2. She looks soooo relaxed! I like your composition by making the background so that the woman is the focus. Boy, I sure can't articulate this morning! But, you know what I mean ..... right? :-) Great painting!

  3. Love it! Très belle. I like her pants and shoes too. What a great subject.


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