Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Little Adventurer

The Little Adventurer
Oil on Canvas

This is a dear friend's granddaughter.  She wanted an action shot of her adventuresome little one and I just loved the photos she brought to show me.  The great yellows and reflections in the water along with the body gesture and determination portrayed were so fun to capture on canvas.  I am happy to say she is very pleased with the work.  I hesitated to post it until after the holidays because I wasn't sure if it was a present or here it is.  

Friday, December 21, 2012

Hilton Head 4 Challenge 3 Lady reading

Reading Room
9 x 12
Oil on Raymar Panel

This is the third challenge of the Hilton Head 4!  We are sent a photo by one of our members and the challenge is to interpret it any way we choose.  This was a tough one with lots of elements in the picture.  I decided to stay simple and paint the figure and the chair.  
These challenges are so good for me to paint things I wouldn't normally paint...such fun ideas!

Here are the other three renditions...

Chris Werst

Double Vision
5 x 7

Kindle or Nook
8 x 8

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Look - Portrait of a beautiful woman

"The Look"
Oil on Raymar Panel

This was done as a Christmas gift.  I love the look this woman is projecting.  It was fun to play with darker skin tones and experiment a bit with highlights.  I like to see every painting as an opportunity to learn and this was no exception.  As always I am having a good time...and smiling!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Lulu - Hilton Head 2012

Lulu - Hilton Head 2012
4 x 4
oil on board

This is Lulu!  Here is Wanda's write up...

Regula (also known as Lulu) is a long time member of the Hilton Head gang and has recently joined an elite splinter group, the Hilton Head Four.  We do not know their true purpose but speculate that it involves creating original art and selling or trading it across international borders.   Lulu travels frequently under the guise of mild mannered artist to workshops or vacations in exotic destinations.  Her goal is ‘establishing individual connections’ and ‘transporting emotions’ which we suspect are for nefarious purposes.  She is often reported being in the vicinity when  shooting happens and we have heard rumours that the “Snoopy Guys” have become targets.  She must be apprehended and removed from the beaches.  Please duplicate the attached image asap and distribute widely.

I thought it would be fun to show you how I begin my painting process.  I start with a rough sketch...and I do mean rough.  I am not concerned with anything other than relationships.  The relationship between the nose, mouth, eyes, etc. I often don't finish the sketch...I just want to make sure I know where everything goes.  Here I can see that the mouth is not angled enough and I make a mental note to correct that when I paint.  I am anxious to start painting but know that this step will save me much frustration. 

And below is the mug shot of Lulu that I painted last year!  She was the second mug to be painted and I remember wiping the board twice before I finished.  

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tutu Much!

Tutu Much!
6 x 6
Oil on Raymar panel


Sometimes I see something that I want to paint for so many reasons.  I love the relationship between the adult and child here.  They are in step, both leaning to the right walking along.  I also love the warm whites in the child's outfit and the cool tones in the adult's ensemble.  That coupled with the bright orange tutu make this whole composition just tutu much for me!!!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Kiss

The Kiss
9 x 12
Oil on Raymar Panel

This is a small portrait study of a wonderful moment.  Sometimes I just have to paint a wonderful moment.  

Friday, December 7, 2012

The Lookout - Hilton Head 4 Challenge 2

The Lookout
9 x 12
Oil on Raymar Panel

This is the second challenge for the Hilton Head 4 group.  Every other week one of us sends out a source photo to be used any way we choose.  It can be cropped, chopped, embellished or not.  This challenge was my turn and I chose my favorite lady with the red jacket on.  I met her on the beach at Hilton Head and she was quite chatty.  I was amazed at all the detail of her life she discussed with me...a total stranger.  She was so eccentric she just fascinated me...and, of course, the red jacket was just too tempting not to paint!

This is Chris Werst's interpretation of the challenge

Bright and Early
8 x 8 
Oil on Gessoboard

This is Lulu's you can see her blog at

The Look

And last but certainly not least is Lydia's  painting.  Her blog is

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mom Doggett...An amazing life

Mom Doggett...An Amazing Life
6 x 6
Oil on Panel

After I painted "At Peace" I quickly realized that his wife also needed to be recognized.  She was an amazing person.  She taught at the International School of Bangkok, Thailand and is lovingly remembered by her family, students, and so many lives that she touched in positive ways.  

These two portraits are on their way to France to celebrate life.  I love that...celebrating life.  I am sure there will be lots of stories and lots of laughter...and of course...smiles. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Brenda - Hilton Head Mug 2012

4 x 4
Oil on Board

Brenda attended the Karin Jurick workshop on Hilton Head Island and was a delightfully colorful character.  Her trademark round and square glasses were so fun...I think she has them in every color.  

Continuing with the Hilton Head mug shot paintings here is Wanda Rottenfusser's story...

We got a call from a citizen in distress in Kentucky who needs our help.  It appears she (and others) have been shot with a new canon (50D to be exact).  She survived the assault and identified the perpetrator as Brenda "The Designer" Pruitt.  This woman may look harmless and tries to convince people she spends her time painting her grandchildren and redecorating interiors.  However, she is not to be trifled with.  This woman knows where the bodies are buried (at least her husband does).  She must be apprehended asap to keep others from being victimized.  We need likenesses to post on the internet to alert the public.  Your assistance is appreciated.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

At Peace - Portrait of a Wonderful Life!

At Peace
9 x 12
Oil on Raymar Panel

The loss of a parent is something I cannot begin to imagine.  Both my parents are doing well, still traveling quite a bit and enjoying life.  I am doubly blessed and I know it.  I guess that is the reason my heart breaks when I hear of a friend who's has suffered this loss.  It is inevitable but I cannot imagine being prepared for it. 

That leads me to this portrait.  A much loved father who has enjoyed a wonderful life and now leaves precious memories to his loved ones.  

I did this quick sketch to celebrate his life and possibly put a smile on someone's face...someone who loves him.