Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ballerina - Pointe Shoes



My cousin's daughter takes ballet...What a treat for me!  She agreed to come over for a photo shoot.  I took dozens of pictures of her with long tutu's, short tutu's, leotards and...most importantly Toe shoes...which I found out are REALLY called Pointe Shoes.  She is a beautiful girl and a fabulous model.  Her body lines and expressions were more than I could have hoped for.  It was a wonderful day.  Since then I peruse the photos often selecting different ones to paint.  I have painted her about 8 times...only two will ever be seen by the public ;)...but I have had a ball.  This is my favorite.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Sharing - A boy and his dog

16 x 20
Oil on Raymar Panel


I just love this scene for so many reasons.  It shows the special bond between a boy and his shows the selfless act of sharing his cup of water...and it shows the complete and utter trust between the two.  It was a joy to paint.

In other bits of good news I have had the complete and utter privilege of photographing both of my parents in a recent photo shoot and plan on portraits of them both in the near future.  They are in their late 80's and cannot sit for me but agreed to the shoot.  

AND I begin my next copy at the National Gallery of Art this Wednesday.  I am painting "Autumn" by Winslow Homer.  I love the deep rich reds and greens in this piece...and of course the figurative work also.  Stay tuned to see my progress...

Monday, June 2, 2014

Child in a Straw Hat - National Gallery of Art - Copyist program

I am nearing the end of "Child in a Straw Hat" by Mary Cassatt...copying at the National Gallery of Art.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this piece and it is coming together quickly.  I chose it because I love the expression on the little girl's face.  It has been said that she was called away from her playmates to pose for this portrait and that caused the less than pleased expression on her face.  

As with my other copies my biggest challenge is mixing the colors to create the copy.  The colors in the original are so is such a good lesson for me.  Mix but not over mix...create soft strokes but boldly, and paint with thick globs of paint.  

Passers by are always very complimentary.  When I am feeling like I am lost someone will whisper "that is so good" as they walk by and I am encouraged to continue.  A young man of about 12 did ask me if I was trying to match the same colors as in the original.  I was struggling at the time and just looked at him and said "are you going to critique my work"?  He sheepishly said "no"...I did smile and wish him a good day.  He walked away smiling...I hope I didn't scare him.  Bruce says I scare people sometimes...It is hard for me to believe that is true ;)