Sunday, January 1, 2017


24 x 36
Oil on Canvas

I usually paint from life or my own photographs.  Often I will start from life then finish up with a photo reference.  Sometimes I think I am smart enough to finish up with no reference but I soon learn I still need guidance.  It is a good exercise for me and  I am constantly learning and pushing myself.  I mention my methods because this painting was done from a photo reference that is not mine.  My brother, Dan Bennett, is a photographer and I love his work.  When I saw this photo I was so happy with the gesture and composition I asked if I could please paint it.  After checking with his model I was given the go ahead and set out painting.  I changed a few things but left the girl and umbrella essentially the same.  I love the bright yellow shirt and blue umbrella.  Getting to paint the blue hair and profile was a bonus. 

Painting challenges me and I am constantly experimenting to improve my work.  I have been working with a limited palette lately and really enjoying it.  It has forced me to work on my colors really figure out which colors I need to mix to achieve my goals.   Right now my palette is
Cad yellow light
Yellow Ochre
Cad red light
alizarin crimson
cerulean blue
ultramarine blue

I sometimes put some black on my palette but find I do better without it so I am trying to wean myself from it. 

You can see some of Dan's work at