Sunday, July 24, 2016

Military Spouse Series - Work in Progress

This is a peek at a portion of a Work in Progress of one of my Military Spouses.  This piece measures 36 x 36 in total.  

Her story is that she is one of the first military spouses to be able to send an email to her husband serving on the USS Nimitz.  Prior to email communication with our spouse while he/she was out to sea was nearly impossible.  Snail mail was sporadic and telegraph messages were used only in emergency situations.  The use of email was a giant leap forward in communication.  

When I paint these pieces I think of my life and the struggles communicating with my husband while he was on maneuvers or deployed.  It was always a challenge.  I am so glad it is easier for families today...still a challenge to be separated...but nice to be able to communication.  

I will be posting the completed piece soon I hope!  

Monday, July 18, 2016


12 x 16
Oil on Raymar Panel

I am in my new studio now and have been working very hard getting it set up the way I want...getting things put in places that give me a smooth work process.  The first thing I painted was a small "Charlie Chaplin" piece.  I also have 4 large Military Spouse paintings in the works at various stages of development.  When I want to take a break and paint something that is no pressure, pure fun, I paint a selfie.  Sometime I use photos, sometimes I paint from life...this was a combination.  I had a picture that I really liked but needed to check my features in a mirror to get more detail. Especially my nose...I do have a bulbous nose!  hahaha!

 I purchased a full length mirror for my studio so I can check out features whenever I want.  It helps with figurative work also. Sometimes a photo reference can be blurry or I just want to change something about a composition so I use the mirror for reference.  

So now that I have finished my "fun" selfie...back to work! 

Monday, July 4, 2016

Rosie Remembers

Rosie Remembers
24 x 20
Oil on Canvas

It is no secret that I love anything military related and Rosie the Riveter is no exception.  Recently a bus load of Rosie the Riveters descended upon the World War II memorial to celebrate their contribution to the war effort.  The trip was courtesy of the Wonderful Honor Flight organization who frequently flies in World War II vets...I am so glad they honored these ladies.  They were all clad in festive red and white polkadot accessories.  Most of them were wheeled about in wheelchairs and you could see the exuberance on their faces.  If I called out "Thank you Rosie" I was met with smiles and the iconic "gun show"  that is Rosie showing off her muscles.  It was a wonderful sight.  

I took my Rosie opportunity to take many source photos and try to get as many stories as I could.  The ladies were all so lovely.  

So here is my Rosie...remembering her glory days...when she helped win the war!  Thank you Rosie...