Thursday, March 28, 2013

Brooklyn...portrait of a Great Grandchild

9 x 12
Oil on Raymar Panel

This adorable little one is named Brooklyn and that hand gently touching her chin is my Aunt Denise.  Brooklyn is her Great-Granddaughter.  I just love the young fresh pink complexion next to the ruddy skin of an oldster's hand.  My mom (Aunt Denise's sister) asked me to paint this as a surprise for my aunt...She is not on Facebook or my blog so I feel comfortable that the surprise is secure.  I will be mailing it out in about a week.  Soooo...if you run into my Aunt Denise...don't spoil the surprise!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Life is a Dance

Life is a Dance
10 x 10
Oil on Raymar Panel

I come from an extremely talented family.  I am constantly amazed by the things I find out.  Recently while perusing Facebook I saw a photo of a cousin dancing with such joy...great movement...fabulous just inspired me!  

Today when I entered my studio I painting some pieces that needed to be finished up and then decided I wanted to do something fun...something just because I want to paint it...something with movement, joy, bright colors...something that would make me happy.  I remembered this picture.  It was so fun to paint...I tried not to worry too much about the details and just painted light and shadows trying to obliterate most of the edges and give a feeling of movement.  

Needless to was a great day in the studio!  Smiles for everyone!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Hilton Head Four Challenge - Man with a Guitar

Panama Hat
10 x 10
Oil on Raymar Panel

This is the 10th Hilton Head Four Challenge.  Lulu provided a fabulous source photo taken in New Orleans??? that we each interpreted in our own way.  It really is fun to see the different techniques and color palettes used by each of us.  scroll down to see the other challenge paintings.

Willie Plays the Blues
8 x 8 

This is Lulu's rendition of her source photo.  To see her blog entry click here

Playing the Blues
8 x 8

Lydia did a great job the expression on his face...check out Lydia's blog

And last but not least...Chris's rendition.  I love the shapes.  Interesting how two of us chose kind of a terra cotta background and two went with more greenish background.  

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sketch of Kat

Kat - Hilton Head Mug Challenge
9 x 12
Graphite sketch

I have been painting a lot for an upcoming show so not a lot to post lately.  I have also been sketching a lot.  I usually sketch a portrait before I paint it.  This study is often rough and not finished looking.  It is just a tool to help me with the painted portrait.  You can see the shading is not refined.  I use a #2 Ticonderoga pencil because it is easy, convenient and has an eraser looking around for my kneaded eraser which is always misplaced!  When I sketch I check relationships between features and decide how it will be painted.  It makes the portrait much easier to paint.  

Kathleen Coy "Kat" is a fabulous artist.  Her challenge is to paint 365 paintings in a year...a painting a day for a year!  Check out her progress on her blog.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Yellow Plane - Thank you for a wonderful flight

Yellow Plane
20 x 24
Oil on Canvas

My father flew B52's in the Air Force.  My brother flew jets in the Air Force and now is a pilot for Southwest Airlines.  My son is currently an Air Force pilot flying the CV-22, Osprey.  This plane belongs to a friend of my brother.  The owner generously offered to let my Dad fly with him.  My Dad is now in his 80's...what a treat for him.  

Even though a painting like this is pretty far out of my comfort zone...when my brother asked me to paint this for his friend as a thank you I didn't hesitate.  I am pleased to say it was well received ;).  

My comfort zone is getting bigger.  

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hilton Head Four Challenge #8 - Visit to Museum de l'Orangerie in Paris france

We're in the Monet
8 x 10
Oil on Raymar Panel

This is the 8th Hilton Head Four Challenge.  Photos were sent out and the four of us depicted each photo any way we wanted.  The setting is the Monet exhibit at the 
Musée de l'Orangerie in Paris, France!  A great source photo offered by Chris Werst.  

Three of us chose the same basic setting.  I loved the couple sitting looking at the Monet...and the lady with the red coat off to the right gave it a nice perspective.  I wonder what the couple sitting were talking about...what were they thinking.  I know viewing this artwork that completely covers the walls of the Museum is very overwhelming when  you enter.  It is a wonderful exhibit and not to be missed when you visit Paris!

A Monet in Time
8 x 10


Like It?
8 x 8


Chris Werst

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Chris Werst - Hilton Head Mug Shot Challenge Continues

Chris Werst
6 x 6
Oil on Raymar panel

The Hilton Head Mug challenge continues with Chris Werst.  

Here is Wanda's write up...

Another long time and well connected member of the Hilton Head felons is on the loose.  Chris “The Moniker” Werst resides in the same city as two other known perps including the nefarious leader “Quickdraw” Jurick and has been observed presenting her with gifts.  (The fact that the shawl was orange, a symbol of luxury and splendor, is highly suspicious.)  We also know she is quite cozy with a member of the international banking branch of the gang, not surprising since she herself is well versed in the global account management world.  With this kind of background one would expect her to drive a Porsche or Ferrari but she has cleverly decided to blend in with the locals by driving a station wagon.  However, do not be fooled by appearances as our intel suggests she is a world traveller.
“The Moniker” is a founding member of the elite splinter group, the Hilton Head 4, and continues to contribute to their rather shady activities.  She has immortalized parrots, puppies, and people from Paris in paint (NB. Actually it was seagulls not parrots but I digress…).  She has been seen combing the beaches in Hilton Head in search of victims and, with the Hilton Head 4, has co-hosted at least one large (and successful) gathering of felonious felons.  This is a dangerous woman indeed!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cameron - HIlton Head Challenge...

6 x 6
Oil on Raymar panel

I am continuing with the Hilton Head is Cameron.  

Wanda's write up...

Today’s person of interest is Cameron “The Shadow” Farley who does not appear to exist at least under this alias.  An internet search turned up 17 different individuals in the U.S. with this name including a Cameron Farley who won the Go Kart 36 Division at Birch Run but was disqualified.  At first this seems unlikely to be our perp but on reconsideration, anything is possible.  The intel we have depicts a woman not afraid to push the envelop.  We do know there is a medical connection (surgical instruments no less) as well as a Canadian connection (after all her last known whereabouts was north of Canada’s Niagara peninsula).  We also speculate she secretly covets Canadian weather (this morning 27F and snowy in Traverse City, 40F and sunny in Calgary).
“The Shadow” was seen in the presence of The Sisterhood last fall so we know she has nefarious artistic connections.  However, she doesn’t appear to exploit them.  She was seen observing “Quickdraw” Jurick closely and using her tabletop easel and assorted implements to render her vision into reality BUT to what purpose?  No visible sign of this vision has been discovered.  Has she turned to the underground scene or is she working under an alias?  This is truly a mystery and we need your help in tracking down this elusive woman!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Before the Before the ballet...studying Degas ballerinas

Before the "Before the Ballet"
8 x 8
Oil on Board

The source for this painting was taken at the National Gallery of Art while perusing the paintings.  I happened upon this young woman studying this Degas piece as though she had a connection.  I often wonder why paintings resonate with one person or another.  Is she studying ballet and picturing herself?  Is she an aspiring artist studying technique?  She stayed put for an unusually long time...

This was painted as a donation for the 3rd Annual Exhibition Fundraiser at the The Target Gallery.   The Torpedo Factory in and the March of Dimes are teaming up to raise money for both organizations with their  3rd annual exhibition fundraiser March150.  The show includes 200 panels of artwork created by local artists, each only $150 (and only $100 the night of the Art Party on March 15th), and a free kids art activity on Sunday, March 10th.   You can see more details on their website .