Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sue ChurchGrant - Hilton Head Mug Shots continue

Sue ChurchGrant
6 x 6
Oil on Raymar Panel

Sue is a wonderful artist who constantly amazes me with her knowledge of all thing creative. check out her blog here

Here is Wanda's humorous prose...

Egad!  We have word that another of the notorious Hilton Head felons has a Canadian connection, eh!  Sue “Doc” Church Grant claims to have a Canadian birth certificate but an American passport.  One is immediately suspicious since Canadian passports are highly coveted by international bad guys.  It appears her felonious activities are rooted much closer to home. 
“Doc”, not unlike one of her fellow felons, has infiltrated the medical profession to get closer to her prey.  By her own admission, she enjoys capturing children.  We speculate she pokes and prods them and engages them in conversation.  She also immortalizes them in paint and we know she has displayed them in CAPE FEAR.  This is truly shocking! 
Although “Doc” claims to have left the more heinous aspects of this practice behind we know she continues to capture victims in both oil and water.  She also exhibits with the Back Porch Painters.  Does this mean she has moved on to more senior victims?  Or are puppy and his rabbit sisters in mortal danger?  We can only watch and wait.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Jeanne "The Determinator" Dicasali

Jeanne "The Determinator" Dicasali
6 x 6 
Oil on Raymar panel

This is the next Hilton Head Challenge member...I was a little behind but am getting caught up!  

Here is Wanda's assessment of Jeanne...

"Received notice that some sort of celebration went down on Ferry Road in Atlanta, Ga. on Wednesday.  Neighbours reported people were singing and yelling Happy birthday Jeanne but we not sure what that was all about.

In fact, not much is known about Jeanne “The Determinator” Dicasali, a relative newcomer to the sisterhood of felons.  This, of course, leaves the field open for speculation.  We do know she is very focused and determined but because she is unassuming often slips under the radar (a good trait to have as a felon). But be cautious – crime, like art, is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration and the quiet ones can often rise to the top through sheer determination.

To enhance her public disquise, Jeanne began to draw as an adult signing up for drawing blogs and tutorials.  We even discovered a lovely little watercolour of cherries allegedly by her.  It appears she has now moved to oil and surveillance has shown her in the company of Karin “Quickdraw” Jurick and the other Hilton Head felons.  Speculation is that she is likely to continue this practice.

She is also known to have international connections as her husband has been seen crossing the border into Canada often over the years.  We will stay alert in case this happens again.  She is not thought to be dangerous at this time but that could change.  Proceed with caution but proceed!"

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hilton Head Four Challenge #7 - Yeah, That's my ride...

"Yeah...That's My Ride"
8 x 8
Oil on Raymar Panel

This is the 7th installment of the Hilton Head Four Challenge.  Lydia sent out a couple of pictures of this cool looking little boy.  The pictures had various people, chairs, and this stroller in them.  He looks like he has an attitude... I just love him.  

Scroll down to see the other very creative challenge entries.

A very creative take from Chris Werst!  6 x 6

"Hanging Out"
9 x 12
Lydia Jechorek

4 x 4
Regula Scheifele

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pages from my sketchbook

This is what I do before I paint my mug shot portraits for the Hilton Head challenge or any portrait I am going to paint.  I sketch...very roughly.  I am just looking for relationships..I am not looking to make a pretty picture.  Nothing is really finished.  I want a reasonable resemblance.  I am measuring the tilt of the head...the alignment of the eyes.  This is where I make my mistakes ;)  Well, at least some of them.

A small sketch for a wedding piece I am working on.  I love the position of the mother looking at her carefree.  I can already feel the emotion and the story this painting will tell.

What happens if you come to my house to watch a movie?  I sketch you as you sit.  I get aggravated when you move...but I rarely say anything.  I am just trying to work from life as often as I can.  I, again, am working on relationships in each drawing.  If someone actually falls asleep and stays in one position for a long time...then I am a happy happy girl!

I loved the way this little girl was standing with her let all askew and hip jutted out to one side.  This may be a painting...I am still thinking about it.  She had on a cute ruffled pink skirt.  

I saw this couple at the National Gallery of Art.  I am trying to decide if he adds anything to the composition or if I should just do the painting with the woman and the painting.  I love her period lucky to have happened on her.  

This couple was a guest at a wedding we attended in London.  I love the regal look on the lady and her hat...who wouldn't love that hat!!!  

I sketch almost every evening....I have a stack of source photos next to me and my sketch book along with plenty of Ticonderoga #2 pencils.  I don't usually share much sketching because they are not really for is practice.  

Since these are all experiments and I am still working on compositions...feel free to add your two cents...I would love to hear what you think will make a good painting.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hilton Head class challenge 2012 - Lydia

4 x 4
Oil on board

The Hilton Head challenge is still going strong....but I am afraid I have fallen off the wagon.  Here is my attempt to almost get caught up!!! I have two more to paint and then I will be up with the rest of the gang!  Wanda Rottenfusser has done a great job with the story lines and getting the source photos out every week. 

This is lydia!  She has a great blog that you can check out by clicking her name.  Her blog consists of not only her fabulous artwork but also great tips on painting, videos, and anything else you can think of that is art related!  She is a great resource.

You can scroll down to see my other "catch-ups"

Now off to the easel I go...

Monday, February 18, 2013

Now What - Bridal Portrait series


Now What
9 x 12
Oil on Raymar Panel

This is a study for a larger piece.  I decided to do a series of wedding paintings for an upcoming show.  In preparation I am doing some small studies before I tackle the larger canvases.  This source photo was taken at my niece's wedding.  I took a little poetic license with the piece but am pretty happy with the overall result.  I am sure I will adjust a bit when I do the larger piece.  

I titled it "Now What" because so often there is a let-down after all the planning and celebrating is done.  Then we get on with our lives.  

Scroll down to see the process and experimentation for this piece.  

First I blocked everything in deciding to place the groom's head behind the bride's arm for anonymity of the piece.  I originally wanted the dress to be a warm light ochre color.  I used a pthalo blue to darken the folds.  I put a red flower in the vase at her elbow which I later found distracting and not really helping the story line. 

After the block in I darkened the back walls for a dramatic effect and "dirtied" the dress to make it look rumpled and worn because it is the end of the reception.  Her curls are coming undone...the groom is more relaxed looking.  I put a bottle of champagne and an empty glass where the red flower was.  

I am not happy with the result here.  Maybe too dark?  Maybe just not working in mind.  It is not what I wanted when I began the piece. 

Here I lightened things up and I am happier...but not thrilled...soooooo...

back to the top for the one I like best.  

Stay tuned for the final larger a month or so. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pirouette - Tiny Ballerina

9 x 12
Oil on Raymar Panel

I am always looking for inspiration and when little ballerinas visit I have a collection of tutu's for them to try on and play with.  They dance and twirl and I snap away with my camera.  I love the movement in this one.  She was visiting while I took photographs of her sister for a portrait.  After the session with her sister was over and we were talking/playing I snapped some pictures of her practicing her ballet moves.  

I love the way children dance without any reservations or fear of judgement. wish for you, this Valentines's that you dance...

I know I will...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Connor - Portrait of a child on the monkey bars

16 x 20
Oil on Raymar Panel

This is the third in the series of three paintings of children at the park.  It was so fun to take the photographs.  It took me about 10 minutes to assess personalities and discover their favorite activities.  Once that was figured out ... getting a good action shot of each child was next on the agenda.  Capturing the personality of each child is essential in my mind.  

Connor is the oldest and was quite adept at climbing.  The monkey bars were his choice.  The next challenge was getting a series of good photos from which to work.  As with all kids there was a small window of opportunity until the photo shoot was over.  

Here are the portraits of Alaura and Brennan so you can see all three together.  I love that each child has their own personality in these pieces.  The background is blue in each piece because the sky is the limit...they are just starting out in life and there are no boundaries to hold them back.  There is so much much much life ahead.  I absolutely loved doing this series.  

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Maria at 61 - self portrait

Maria at 61
8 x 8
Oil on Raymar Panel

Happy Birthday to me!!!

I like painting self portraits.  It is a great time for experimentation and I am a convenient model since I am always there.  To celebrate my 61st birthday I decided to paint a quick self portrait...and right off the heels of my 30 in 30 artists portraits I felt the timing was good.  For those of you who think I paint myself too harshly (Mom) I do it as an exercise to help me learn.  I am constantly trying new colors, color combinations, brushes, strokes and styles and this is the perfect time to try new things.  

Every decade of my life has been monumental in some way.  I don't remember an age I did not like.  Every age has its challenges...but the benefits far outweigh any obstacles. I go  Maria at 61...Happy Birthday to me!!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

I Want That - Portrait of a Little Ballerina admiring Renoir's "Dancer"

I Want That
9 x 12
Oil on Raymar Panel

For this challenge it was my turn to send out a source photo and I chose this adorable little ballerina.  She was wandering the halls of the Smithsonian and stopped right in front of Renoir's  "Dancer." She was so tiny but absolutely mesmerized by the sight of the beautiful ballerina in front of her.  It was a magical moment for her...and for me!!  And, yes, I did ask her father for permission to take her picture!

This is my sixth entry into my Hilton Head 4 Challenge.  One of us selects a reference photo and sends it to the other three...then we each interpret the source any way we want.  Sometimes we have a lot of time to paint...sometimes we are rushed and just get the thing done...but we always come up with beautiful creative pieces to share every other Friday!

Chris, Lulu, Lydia and I took a Karin Jurick workshop last November.  We shared a beach house and spent a fabulous week immersed in a world filled with art, inspiration and camaraderie.  We hated for the week and the excitement about our artwork to end so we decided to stay connected with this bi-weekly challenge.  

Chris Werst

Lulu Scheifele

Lydia Jechorek

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Brennan - Portrait of a boy on a swing

16 x 20

This is Brennan, Alaura's older brother.  When we were at the park taking pictures Brennan could not get enough of the swings and kept wanting to go higher and higher!  Ah, the joy of being pushed on a swing!!  The sky is the limit!!! I hope Brennan always feels that way.

I will be co-hosting the Artists's Helping Artists blogtalk radio program today with Leslie Saeta.  Yayyy!!!  It is going to be a great show about improving your blog!  Listen in at 12:00 EST or download the podcast and listen when you have the time.  

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Alaura - Portrait of a Little Girl

16 x 20
Oil on Raymar Panel

I was fortunate to be asked to paint a friend's three children.  They are adorable...well, Alaura is adorable...the two boys are cute in a manly way.  

I met up with them at a nearby park and took lots of pictures.  The boys were swinging and climbing on the monkey bars and adorable Allura was watching and getting her walk perfected...with a little help from her mom!  It was fun to catch them in action and try to depict their personalities on canvas.  

Friday, February 1, 2013

The Discovery - on the beach

Show and Tell
8 x 10
Oil on Raymar Panel

Just when I thought I was done I remembered I had this adorable picture of Kathy Dugan Collins on the beach!  Check out her artwork 

So 30 in 30 has turned into 31 in 31...