Thursday, December 1, 2016


36 x 24
Oil on Canvas

Recently I hosted a "model  party"!  It was such fun.  I invited 5 women over to participate.  I was a bit nervous having not done this before and not really knowing the models well.  Some I had just met, two I had never met and two I knew but had only brief encounters with.  I just had a feeling they would all get along and had a feeling that they were up for some fun. 

I welcomed each of the ladies and had prepared some light snacks, wine and non-alcoholic beverages for them to socialize and enjoy while the photo shoot took place.  I thought a relaxed atmosphere would lend itself to helping everyone get acquainted and relax.   I am fortunate to have traveled to Japan to visit my dear friend Carrie Roets Waller...accompanied by my travel buddy Debra Kierce...while there I was able to pick up some fabulous kimonos so I had a kimono for everyone.  They tried out different colors...I photographed them in two's three's and four's and the grand finale of all 5 in their luxurious fabrics.  It was such a fun experiment for me and, I think, for them too as I got many offers to return for another photoshoot! 

This painting is of sisters...they are both young with fabulous, thick, curly hair.  Every thing I suggested they were enthusiastic about.  They were so natural and the connection between them is undeniable. 

I do paint from photographs, obviously, but I paint from life as often as I can.  When using the photos I often refer to life for particular body part.  I will check out my hands in a mirror to see joints and  shadows.  If I need to see someone holding hands or a position I cannot see while I am painting I ask neighbors or friends to come over and let me see how a certain angle looks in "real life".  Studying anatomy has also been a great resource.  If a photo is fuzzy or out of focus I know what a body part usually looks like so I can put together things that are missing or hard to see.  Most of my work is a conglomeration of photos, life and what is in my mind.