Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Rosie the Riveter on Break

Rosie the Riveter on break
24 x 36
Oil on Canvas

Continuing my Rosie the Riveter series I painted this Rosie as she took a break from work.  My Rosie's aren't pensive, thoughtful and sometimes portrayed as very tired.  It was a trying time for all.  

Rosie the Riveter is representative of all the women who took on traditionally male jobs while the men were out fighting in World war one and two.  The women work in factories, mechanic shops, and assembly lines.  They did hard, physical labor while still holding their families and homes together.  It was a tough time for everyone.  Everyone was involved in the war effort.  I love that women of all ethnicities worked side by side.  I hope by doing this series it shines a new light on how much women were involved in building our great nation.