Sunday, January 29, 2012

Six at Sixty Number Four

6 @ 60 # 4
4 x 4 oil on board

I continue with my series 6 @ 60, posting a self portrait every few days until I post the final one on my 60th birthday.  This is number four.  Still working on getting a present for every portrait but Bruce is not buying it...literally.  We went to the mall and I had the opportunity to select something but nothing seems significant enough for such a milestone birthday.  I tried to steer Bruce towards a car dealership but to no avail...I shall persevere...


  1. Nice one, Maria! Makes me wonder what you are thinking.

    Persevere! You deserve the BEST!!!

  2. I love the moment of contemplation you captured here also- the eyes maybe show that? Love it! Well, I can help you with that shopping issue- not there yet myself but have some big thoughts on it- plan, plan, plan:) France, Italy, Scott Christensen workshop, Liang, California, Debra Huse, Carolyn Anderson, Sedona, Better stop now...list is getting too long! Happy Happy and can't wait to see more!!

  3. I think Kathy has some marvelous ideas here for me on my 60th!! This shows wonderful thought and presence. Love the painty fingers.

  4. Another great portrait Maria. Do I see paint on those fingernails? lol

  5. I think this is my favorite portrait of them all. It says alot and makes the viewer wonder about your thoughts. AlsoI love the colors you've used. The warmth of the forehead and the cool of the background is beautiful. Congratulations on your completion of the portraits ... all beautiful and well done!

  6. Great job, Maria. You look so pensive, possibly contemplating what to buy!!! The colors are very nice.


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