Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Richard Bennett - 30 in 30 portraits continues...

Richard "#3 Brother" Bennett
6 x 8
Oil on Raymar Panel

Richard is an artist in many genres.  He has been an actor, singer, dancer, visual artist with charcoals and pastels and writes poetry...just to name a few of his many talents.  When I say talents you may think I am exaggerating...but he His acting career brought him to Broadway in the play "P.T. Barnum" and across the country in many other shows.  Now he concentrates on his harmonica and vocals.  He sings regularly at the Drake Hotel in Chicago with "The Flat Cats".  To hear some of his amazing vocals...click here for "Runaround Sue" and here to hear "Minnie the Moocher"  

I used to think I was "getting away" with something by not  having to paint eyes or mouths...so getting a model with dark glasses and a beard and mustache seemed like a nice break.  Well...beards and dark glasses present their own challenges!  

As always...or at least for the next couple of weeks check out all the amazing artwork for this challenge on Leslie Saeta's blog!

An now back to the easel!!!...


  1. What a talented family you have! This is a favorite, Maria.

  2. Wonderful story Maria ... great painting .... again *smile

  3. Great painting and love reading about the artist! Can't wait to see tomorrow's painting!


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