Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Toss! Throwing the bridal bouquet

18 x 36
Oil on Canvas

This piece is part of my Weddings series that will be featured at The Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, Virginia.  I am the featured artist along with Kathy Strauss, photographer extraordinaire,  who is contributing a series of "Destinations" to the show.  The reception is June 8th at 6 pm in building 16. 

The Lorton Workhouse Arts Center is a former prison.  It has an amazing history.  The buildings that were cell/dorms that housed the prisoners have been converted to wonderful artists studios.  There is a large courtyard in the center surrounded by these buildings.  A walk along the courtyard dropping in to see the artists at work makes for a wonderful day or evening!  

I love this action shot of the bride throwing the bouquet.  For this series I tried to represent many traditional and some untraditional scenes from weddings.  

My wedding was 39 years ago this month.  I married my prince charming and we are living happily ever after!  


  1. Such a beautiful pose on this bride, Maria!!
    Love the dark background....

  2. This is just beautiful Maria! I got your show card which is so cool. Great idea for a show and I so wish I could be there!

  3. Beautiful! I love the playful movement and she's gorgeous!


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