Wednesday, March 9, 2016


30 x 30
Oil on Linen


I wanted a painting for my mantle when we move into our new home and I wanted it to be of my grandchildren.  Since I only get to see them a couple of times a year I had to rely on a photo reference.  This is one of them sitting on the couch relaxing.  I am sure Riley...the younger grandson, wanted the TV turned on which is why he is holding the remote control.  Jayden is content to suck his thumb and snuggle with his well-loved blanket.  the quilt on the side of the couch represents one of the quilts I made that my son and his wife now enjoy.  I loved that Jayden had striped pajamas fun to paint!  

I have worked on this piece of and on for months and it is one of those pieces that I could work on forever.  I can always find ways to improve it...but I finally had to let it go and call it finished.  I am sure I will paint another for my mantle...and another...and another...


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