Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Colonel

The Colonel
16 x 20
Oil on Ramar Panel


I love painting my husband.  He is pretty cooperative...modeling is not his favorite thing to do...but I can talk him into it from time to time.  I love to paint him because his face is so interesting.  He has these wonderful deep set eyes that are a chameleon like gray/green/blue depending upon his surroundings.  They are the kind of eyes that look translucent.  His brow is furrowed and has a slight scar above his lip on his left side.  I know his face so well.  

Often when we are out in restaurants or just sitting in a park I will say to him "stay just as you are" and he knows by now to just sit icily still while I whip out my phone and take pictures.  The I may direct him to put his coffee cup down or turn one direction or another.  He knows that the atmosphere is perfect and I am trying to capture the light!  Then I do studies when I get home...until I can get him to sit for me again!  

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  1. I like your description of your husband's face. And I like that it says NFS. I think artists should keep all their favorite pieces, especially when they are so personal.


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