Monday, March 14, 2016

Sketching my way through my life...

I have alway wanted to sketch my way through my life...but never took the initiative...

I always see these fabulous sketch journals posted by fabulous artists and I have always wanted to do one.  I knew mine would not be fabulous but I decided to begin one and see how I do.  I started with pictures I had taken in Japan while on my fabulous adventure with Carrie Roets Waller and Debra Keirce.  I sorted the pictures and began sketching in pencil...using a fabulous accordion sketchbook I purchased in Japan.  Once the basic sketch was done I used a ink marker to darken the lines.  I then decided I would put a watercolor wash on some of the pictures.  I wasn't as happy with the watercolor wash as I had imagined so stopped it.  I tried my watercolor pencils and they seemed to work better.  It is probably because it is not watercolor paper...or maybe just operator error!  hahaha!  

Anyway...a quick message to Carrie to let me know the names of places I had forgotten and I had my sketch journal! 

I may add some more sketches...I have a couple of pages left.  But I am semi-pleased with my first attempt.  

My plan is to sketch my way through Venice...on my next adventure!  


  1. Can't wait to see what you do in Venice!

  2. There's nothing more I love than peaking in to someone else's sketchbook! I've recently been doing the exact same thing, though really just to help me out of a bout of Artists block! And it's great to remember just how much fun simply sketching can be, isn't it? And you should never compare your sketches to other peoples (says me, who does the exact same thing, lol!) We are each unique and you can tell more about someones personality in a sketch than you can a painting! Yours are full of energy and character. Gorgeous! :0)

  3. Why am I not surprised your focus is the people!? Proud of you for starting!


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