Friday, January 17, 2014

Riley Patrick Hock has arrived

My Son
10 x 10
Oil on Raymar Panel


Illness has totally thrown me off the 30 in 30 wagon.  Not serious but enough to have me out of commission for a while.  I have been sketching a bit and trying function normally but moving slowly!  I headed to my easel and decide to do a quick sketch of my son and his son. Riley Patrick was born recently and needless to say I am overjoyed!  Painting one of the photos my son and his wife sent makes me feel closer to them.  It made me feel better. ;)


  1. Feel better soon Maria! Love you sweet painting. It's wonderful! Congratulations again on your new family member.

  2. This is so touching Maria. I love it!
    Get well soon. :-)

  3. Sorry you haven't felt good. Hope you are on the mend!
    Fantastic painting, Maria. It is such a sweet subject and you are so good at painting it. You continue to get better and better!!

  4. Feeling better yet? Hope you shake it soon so you can get lots of grandma time in. This is precious.


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