Saturday, January 18, 2014

My new Shoes

My new shoes
8 x 10
Oil on Raymar Panel

How far would you go for a joke?  In my family you would take an hour out of your afternoon to paint your new shoes.  

Since I started painting full time I want to paint everything…of course that is impossible.  But I find my friends and family often suggest things to paint.  When I post a picture it is often recommended that I put my brush to canvas and immortalize the scene.  So when I posted a picture of my new shoes on Facebook my brother's comment was "paint them, paint them".  I knew he was joking…but in the spirit of fun…I painted them.  I hope he likes his Christmas present…hahahahahahahahahahaha!


  1. So fun and fabulous...I want to adopt your brother! Love the family fun and a wonderful painting that captured some amazing shoes!!

  2. Hey I love them. There's something sexy about shoes, even oxfords.

  3. Wonderful work on these shoes! I'm sure your brother will love them!!! LOL

  4. Super snazzy shoes! So much fun and a fabulous job..I love them!!!


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