Monday, February 25, 2013

Jeanne "The Determinator" Dicasali

Jeanne "The Determinator" Dicasali
6 x 6 
Oil on Raymar panel

This is the next Hilton Head Challenge member...I was a little behind but am getting caught up!  

Here is Wanda's assessment of Jeanne...

"Received notice that some sort of celebration went down on Ferry Road in Atlanta, Ga. on Wednesday.  Neighbours reported people were singing and yelling Happy birthday Jeanne but we not sure what that was all about.

In fact, not much is known about Jeanne “The Determinator” Dicasali, a relative newcomer to the sisterhood of felons.  This, of course, leaves the field open for speculation.  We do know she is very focused and determined but because she is unassuming often slips under the radar (a good trait to have as a felon). But be cautious – crime, like art, is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration and the quiet ones can often rise to the top through sheer determination.

To enhance her public disquise, Jeanne began to draw as an adult signing up for drawing blogs and tutorials.  We even discovered a lovely little watercolour of cherries allegedly by her.  It appears she has now moved to oil and surveillance has shown her in the company of Karin “Quickdraw” Jurick and the other Hilton Head felons.  Speculation is that she is likely to continue this practice.

She is also known to have international connections as her husband has been seen crossing the border into Canada often over the years.  We will stay alert in case this happens again.  She is not thought to be dangerous at this time but that could change.  Proceed with caution but proceed!"


  1. Wonderful Maria, and I love the glasses!

  2. Great job... and I was going to mention the glasses, but also the depth in the hair - very hard to get!

  3. Another beautiful portrait, Maria...(love the glasses!)


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