Friday, February 8, 2013

I Want That - Portrait of a Little Ballerina admiring Renoir's "Dancer"

I Want That
9 x 12
Oil on Raymar Panel

For this challenge it was my turn to send out a source photo and I chose this adorable little ballerina.  She was wandering the halls of the Smithsonian and stopped right in front of Renoir's  "Dancer." She was so tiny but absolutely mesmerized by the sight of the beautiful ballerina in front of her.  It was a magical moment for her...and for me!!  And, yes, I did ask her father for permission to take her picture!

This is my sixth entry into my Hilton Head 4 Challenge.  One of us selects a reference photo and sends it to the other three...then we each interpret the source any way we want.  Sometimes we have a lot of time to paint...sometimes we are rushed and just get the thing done...but we always come up with beautiful creative pieces to share every other Friday!

Chris, Lulu, Lydia and I took a Karin Jurick workshop last November.  We shared a beach house and spent a fabulous week immersed in a world filled with art, inspiration and camaraderie.  We hated for the week and the excitement about our artwork to end so we decided to stay connected with this bi-weekly challenge.  

Chris Werst

Lulu Scheifele

Lydia Jechorek


  1. Maria, I would really love to paint that photo, with your permission of course. I love the renditions you four have created and as I'm learning about portrait painting for my Duchess of Cambridge challenge, this picture excites me. I would be so thrilled if you could mail the photo to blueskyredearth at live dot ca.

  2. So lovely!! You stole the perfect moment and caught it so perfectly on canvas.

  3. Everyone did such an amazing job with this. Wonderful work!!!

  4. I love this one! So special to watch a child discover their passion and then to watch them discover others who share that passion. I can see it in the paintings! L O V E!

  5. Hello Maria,
    I have just listened to you on Artists Helping Artists and came to check out your lovely blog.
    I really love the colour, light and wonder you achieved in this beautiful painting. The others are beautiful too - so nice to see the different versions of the same photo.

  6. Hi Maria, I finally got around to painting that lovely photo you sent me of the little ballerina. You can see my painting here and I will post her on my blog and link to you on Saturday 23 March. Here is my blog link


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