Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pages from my sketchbook

This is what I do before I paint my mug shot portraits for the Hilton Head challenge or any portrait I am going to paint.  I sketch...very roughly.  I am just looking for relationships..I am not looking to make a pretty picture.  Nothing is really finished.  I want a reasonable resemblance.  I am measuring the tilt of the head...the alignment of the eyes.  This is where I make my mistakes ;)  Well, at least some of them.

A small sketch for a wedding piece I am working on.  I love the position of the mother looking at her carefree.  I can already feel the emotion and the story this painting will tell.

What happens if you come to my house to watch a movie?  I sketch you as you sit.  I get aggravated when you move...but I rarely say anything.  I am just trying to work from life as often as I can.  I, again, am working on relationships in each drawing.  If someone actually falls asleep and stays in one position for a long time...then I am a happy happy girl!

I loved the way this little girl was standing with her let all askew and hip jutted out to one side.  This may be a painting...I am still thinking about it.  She had on a cute ruffled pink skirt.  

I saw this couple at the National Gallery of Art.  I am trying to decide if he adds anything to the composition or if I should just do the painting with the woman and the painting.  I love her period lucky to have happened on her.  

This couple was a guest at a wedding we attended in London.  I love the regal look on the lady and her hat...who wouldn't love that hat!!!  

I sketch almost every evening....I have a stack of source photos next to me and my sketch book along with plenty of Ticonderoga #2 pencils.  I don't usually share much sketching because they are not really for is practice.  

Since these are all experiments and I am still working on compositions...feel free to add your two cents...I would love to hear what you think will make a good painting.


  1. Wonderful show of your sketches Maria. It's always fun to see how others work. Thank you for sharing these with us!

  2. Good for you, Maria! Sketching is just so good and I am impressed that you do it so much. Very inspirational!


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