Monday, December 17, 2012

Lulu - Hilton Head 2012

Lulu - Hilton Head 2012
4 x 4
oil on board

This is Lulu!  Here is Wanda's write up...

Regula (also known as Lulu) is a long time member of the Hilton Head gang and has recently joined an elite splinter group, the Hilton Head Four.  We do not know their true purpose but speculate that it involves creating original art and selling or trading it across international borders.   Lulu travels frequently under the guise of mild mannered artist to workshops or vacations in exotic destinations.  Her goal is ‘establishing individual connections’ and ‘transporting emotions’ which we suspect are for nefarious purposes.  She is often reported being in the vicinity when  shooting happens and we have heard rumours that the “Snoopy Guys” have become targets.  She must be apprehended and removed from the beaches.  Please duplicate the attached image asap and distribute widely.

I thought it would be fun to show you how I begin my painting process.  I start with a rough sketch...and I do mean rough.  I am not concerned with anything other than relationships.  The relationship between the nose, mouth, eyes, etc. I often don't finish the sketch...I just want to make sure I know where everything goes.  Here I can see that the mouth is not angled enough and I make a mental note to correct that when I paint.  I am anxious to start painting but know that this step will save me much frustration. 

And below is the mug shot of Lulu that I painted last year!  She was the second mug to be painted and I remember wiping the board twice before I finished.  


  1. These are great Maria..I like the way you have explained your process!! You are so good at portraits, I love the look in the eyes with this much character!!

  2. Fun to see your process from sketch to painting!

  3. Wonderful Maria! I like seeing your process too. I always like the surprise of red on her nose!

  4. I also like the process. It is fun to see 2011 and 2012. Really well done, Maria!

  5. Yay Maria - well done!
    I love how there's such a different feel to the two mugs. Love them both - though the mean look on last year's might be a bit more 'me'???
    Great work! Lulu

  6. Great story that accompanied your mug shot today. Sooo funny.

    I liked that you showed your sketch of her also ... give us a sense of how you came to the finished mug.
    Your first mug shot of her was as well done as todays post. Love these mug shots Maria !


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