Sunday, December 2, 2012

At Peace - Portrait of a Wonderful Life!

At Peace
9 x 12
Oil on Raymar Panel

The loss of a parent is something I cannot begin to imagine.  Both my parents are doing well, still traveling quite a bit and enjoying life.  I am doubly blessed and I know it.  I guess that is the reason my heart breaks when I hear of a friend who's has suffered this loss.  It is inevitable but I cannot imagine being prepared for it. 

That leads me to this portrait.  A much loved father who has enjoyed a wonderful life and now leaves precious memories to his loved ones.  

I did this quick sketch to celebrate his life and possibly put a smile on someone's face...someone who loves him.  


  1. Such a wonderful gift, Maria! And a wonderful portrait!

  2. You are such a warm and empathetic person, I'm sure this means the world to your friend.

  3. Hey! I'm so glad we talked today and figured out we each have a blog! I'll look forward to keeping up with you here! Wonderful painting.

  4. I love the peace his body projects


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