Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Brenda - Hilton Head Mug 2012

4 x 4
Oil on Board

Brenda attended the Karin Jurick workshop on Hilton Head Island and was a delightfully colorful character.  Her trademark round and square glasses were so fun...I think she has them in every color.  

Continuing with the Hilton Head mug shot paintings here is Wanda Rottenfusser's story...

We got a call from a citizen in distress in Kentucky who needs our help.  It appears she (and others) have been shot with a new canon (50D to be exact).  She survived the assault and identified the perpetrator as Brenda "The Designer" Pruitt.  This woman may look harmless and tries to convince people she spends her time painting her grandchildren and redecorating interiors.  However, she is not to be trifled with.  This woman knows where the bodies are buried (at least her husband does).  She must be apprehended asap to keep others from being victimized.  We need likenesses to post on the internet to alert the public.  Your assistance is appreciated.


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