Friday, February 3, 2012

Six at Sixty Series Number Five

6 @ 60 # 5
4 x 4

I have entered my birthday month and my 6 @ 60 series is nearing the is number 5.  I found out that if you look up you really don’t have shortens your nose so you appear younger, no is like magic!   I think I will be looking up for many, many more portraits.  No presents yet...The pressure is on Bruce...I wonder if he knows that...hahaha...note to Bruce...READ MY BLOG!!!


  1. The eyes in this are gorgeous. Love the way you painted them. This might be my favorite in this wonderful series. Can't wait to see the last number 6!

  2. LOVE this, Maria!! This is definitely my favorite so far! The cool and warm skin tones and eyes are beautiful. When all are finished I would like to see them all posted together. You are amazing, my almost !!!60!!! friend!

  3. The drama and depth here is really powerful. But, the last line does crack me up :)

  4. very Brave and yes if you look up and you have great lighting :D
    PS, don't SKYPE unless you put the computer above you :D


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