Friday, February 10, 2012

Six at Sixty Number Six

6 @ 60 # 6
Oil on Board

This is it!  The final portrait in my series and the beginning of my next adventure in life.  I bet you are thinking I will be announcing a new red convertible, or a shiny diamond ring, or some other extravagant gift....but no...not this year.  What I have come to realize in my 60 years of life is that the intangible is what is most important.  I have a wonderful life, a loving husband and family, my health, wonderful friends and the ability to pursue my love of painting.  Of course I told bruce I could appreciate all that while driving a new red convertible...I do look good in red...but car...I am so glad I married such a wise man.  

And just in case you think Bruce is NOT a wise man...we will be visiting Tiffany's tomorrow...Yes, he is a wise man.


  1. Your "6 at 60" series is amazing and your final portrait, again, makes me wonder what you are thinking. What are you thinking? Are you thinking? Do you think? It is thought provoking! Anyway, I am glad you were born so that at the age of 59 and 3/4 I could meet you and have a fantastic new friend! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARIA!! (Can you hear? The song "Maria" from West Side Story is playing!!) :-)
    Have fun at Tiffany's!!

  2. So is today your birthday? I must know! If it is, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLFRIEND! I love your enthusiasm and dedication. You never know how your energy, optimism, and ambition might serve as a role model for others, but I will tell you that it inspires me. Now we'll be looking forward to a painting of that little piece of bling coming your way!

  3. Happy Birthday Maria! This one is my favorite! I think you have a beautiful look of peace and gratitude...and perhaps trying to determine the quickest route to Tiffany's:) No, seriously this has been a wonderful series to watch unfold and you did a fabulous job on all of them. You are married to a wonderful smart man who appreciates how hard you are working. Have a happy one and a fun filled new year to come!!

  4. What a wonderful 6 portraits. I'm so impressed, they are truly amazing. I love each and every one. This one says to me "oh no, I can't be turning 60, it can't be". Thank you sooooo much for sharing them with us. Happy Birthday ... if the 50's were great, the 60's have to be even better right?

  5. Happy birthday Maria! This is my favorite one also. I think this was a wonderful way to mark this important year. Thank you for sharing it with us.


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