Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Shelf Unit for my Studio!

One of my neighbors was kind enough to build me this way cool shelf unit for my studio for my 60th birthday present.  It is constructed out of 1 x 3 boards.  Brian from Renovator Pro  first built the shelf grid and then attached it to the wall.  YES, I am milking this birthday for all I can get!

The shelf is perfect for displaying my smaller works on board.  I just love it.  Brian and the folks at Renovator Pro are wonderful.  They do home renovations and do a fabulous job.  If you are in the Virginia area and need any renovations...check their website out.  Thanks Brian! 


  1. Wow, isn't that neat.... Love that! And it doesn't take up much room yet does so much. What a wonderful gift. Congratulations Maria.

  2. Love this! I have serious shelf envy:) Way to take some space and design just want you want that is just perfect! Love seeing your art shine on it! Thanks for sharing- I think we all want shelving that looks great but is so functional= Great job Brian!!

  3. I think Brian loves you! No one has given me shelves. :-( You are one lucky almost !!!60!!! year old!!! Love seeing your paintings on your new shelves!

  4. Seriously... you have NEIGHBORS who build you things for your BIRTHDAY???? For sure if I ever relocate Brian's business will be something that would lure me to VA!

    The paintings look great, and the shelves are PERFECT! Lucky birthday girl!!! Milk it! Milk it!


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