Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hilton Head Gang Week #14

It is week 14 and we continue on...The Hilton Head Gang is a group of artists who attended a Karin Jurick workshop on Hilton Head Island.  Their antics are chronicled in this series...

Linda "Goldie"
4 x 4
Oil on Board
Week 14 features Linda “Goldie” Nickles...All that glitters is not always gold.  Goldie is as notorious as the rest of the gang.  We believe she has a hideout on the island but authorities have not been able to locate the area she resides in nor apprehend her.  Beware because she is a seasoned traveler and can assimilate herself into any environment...she is no less devious than the rest of the gang despite her petite stature and innocent look...she will shoot first and ask questions later.  If you have been shot check local galleries for your likeness.  If you are visiting Hilton Head be especially cautious...she has been known to walk among the visitors and shoot using her silencer...
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  1. This is hilarious! She's too sweat for this kind of notoriety ... and yet she really is a seasoned traveler for sure.... *giggle. Love this profile shot.

    What a fun project. Loved each and every one of them.

  2. As much as I love this painting, I am holding my sides laughing at the writing! Good one! 'Goldie' reminds me of a James Bond Girl...

  3. I love how you've done her "gold locks" also! Very shimmery. Profiles are a challenge. You did great!

  4. I am laughing out loud!! You are sooo funny! I'm really going to miss this project! oh, btw, love your painting, too!! :-D

  5. Very nice Maria and I love the way you painted her blond hair.


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