Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Salute - Steve Campbell and Colonel William "Wild Bill" Campbell

Salute - Steve Campbell
20 x 16
Oil on Raymar Panel

This Salute portrait has particular significance in many ways.  The subject, Steve Campbell is a veteran and currently works as a pilot for commercial airlines.  He is a friend of my brother, Mike Bennett, who is also a veteran and commercial pilot.  I met Steve at Mike's retirement ceremony.  I was excited to meet a veteran at the retirement ceremony and then I found out Steve is the son of a Tuskeegee Airman!  How exciting!  His father was Colonel William "Wild Bill" Campbell.  You can see a short video tribute to his father here.  He was an amazing man and our county owes him great respect for all he did for us.  

This is my first post of 2016 and I am very excited to begin the year with a  tribute to two heroes that served our country.  

If anyone is not familiar with the Tuskeegee Airmen you can see a short clip here.


  1. Maria thats incredible! What a wonderful painting and video too :)

  2. Lovely piece and than you for sharing the video with us. Very interesting!

  3. Maria, thank you for your recognizing veterans,specifically my father,through your wonderful artwork.
    Steve Campbell

  4. Maria, thank you so much for recognizing veterans, specifically my father, through your wonderful artwork. Steve Campbell

  5. Love his happy expression Maria! I am giving a talk at Briar Woods High School Wed night, and I am going to mention your fallen soldiers series, as an example of how artists can share their creative gifts. You are awesome!


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