Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I AM the Flower Girl

I AM the Flower Girl
16 x 20
Oil in Raymar Panel

This little painting did not make the cut.  I brought it to hang in my featured artist show at the Workhouse Arts Center but when placing the groupings on the wall it just didn't fit comfortably into the show.  So...though I do love the gesture of the little girl...she remained at home.  She is the grand-daughter of a relative and will reside in her grandma's home instead.  What drew me to the piece is her attitude. She just exudes an "I'm in charge" attitude.  

The show will be hung until July 1st...I cannot believe in two short weeks I will be bringing the wedding paintings home!  It has been a wonderful experience.  

Now I begin new adventures!  Stay tuned...


  1. This one is a favorite, Maria!! I love her expression and the dress is painted beautifully!
    It should have been on the wall.

  2. This one is darling ! Love the dresses.

  3. haha! That hand gesture it perfect! I agree, she has great attitude! I really love this one. Too bad she didn't fit in with the rest. But she is a favorite, I'm sure!


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