Monday, June 24, 2013

Connor - High School Graduation

16 x 20
Oil on Raymar Panel

We are blessed with wonderful neighbors surrounding us.  This young man has been mowing our lawn and helping out for quite a few years now.  His family owns Renovator Pro a fabulous contracting business in Northern Virginia.  They are responsible for completely renovating our kitchen and bathroom along with various and as sundry jobs throughout my house and yard that needed tending...but I digress.

Connor is now a high school graduate and headed to college in the fall.  An exciting time for him and angst filled for his parents...though they are very proud.  I painted this for his parents to keep them company while he is away at college.  I am very pleased to say they are happy with the piece and it proudly hangs in their dining room.

Connor's family has helped me out in so many ways.  When I need a model or need to see how a mother and child look holding hands from the back they are always ready to come over and pose.  Since the kids age ranges are diverse I have someone for almost every age group.  I have painted Connor with a cell phone, his sister Meghan playing baseball and need to tackle Brady next.  

It is really fun to paint memories and even more rewarding when the recipient accepts the gift with such unbridled enthusiasm.  

Good times...


  1. I love how this one turned out. Very well done. Very professional.

  2. A beautiful portrait, Maria! Wonderful skin tones....His parents will treasure this painting!!!


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