Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hilton Head Four challenge - Girl with a Watering Can

"Girl With a Red Pocketbook"
9 x 12
Oil on Raymar Panel

This is the Hilton Head Four bi-weekly challenge entry.  "Girl with a Watering" Can by Pierre Auguste Renoir is one of my favorites and I couldn't resist this young woman in a blue skirt studying the piece.  I loved her red purse...ergo the name!

I supplied a source photo from one taken at the National Gallery of Art and my 3 partners in crime supplied their versions.  It is so fun to see what others see in a source photo.  The lessons I learn from the different cropping and colors are priceless.  Three of us painted pretty much the same scene with Lydia stepping back and painting the whole figure.  I think she just liked the boots on the woman.  

Regula aka Lulu did a quick sketch digitally.  I love the watercolor effect it has...such soft colors and she was able to include just enough information so you know the scene.  It makes you think.  hmmmmmmmmmm....

Chris also did a quick digital sketch...

Last but not least Lydia's version "looking forward to spring".  

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  1. One of the first paintings my mom showed me. These are great to see as a group and the red pocket sure does catch ones eye. Lydia's painting is so warm and luscious.


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