Sunday, October 21, 2012

Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days Continued...

This continues my 30 in 30 series depicting stages of I see them.  The paintings are all 6 x 6 painted on a board.

The Rebel

This painting reminded me of a rite of passage all kids go through.  Will  you choose a bad habit to impress your peers?


I love the faraway look in her eyes...daydreaming about the future...about life...


The joy of youth...playing happily


Riding around in a carousel...trying to catch up to you!  
Remember that song??? 

Baseball cap

 Asserting his independence by wearing a baseball cap turned to the side.  Possibly unconventional to his parents...but conforming to the norm of his age.  


  1. These are fantastic, Maria! I love this series!!

  2. These are amazing. Each with so much personality. I love the color theme you've got going on. Really inspiring Maria.

  3. I am loving seeing this body of work coming together. I can tell all the thought and prep that went into this before you even wet your brush. Love them all but daydreamer and joy just grab me!! Wonder what that really means?! Keep it going...amazing project and you are rocking it!!

  4. I have to say that I can see the change in your painting...! This is fantastic.
    Keep it going, it makes my day ;-)


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