Thursday, October 4, 2012

Memories of a cabin in the woods

9 x 12
Oil on Raymar panel

This was once a wonderful vacation home on Casper Mountain in Wyoming.  It is no more because of a devastating forest fire.   I followed my friend's journey on Facebook.  
The homes were evacuated and they were not sure if their home was still standing or not.  Finally they got the was lost to the inferno.   When I saw the picture of the A framed house my immediate impulse was to head to my easel.  I felt if I could do justice to the memory of their loss I could maybe make them smile...even for just a minute.  

I am so glad they are happy with my rendition and I will be mailing them this gift to grace the walls of their new cabin.  

My mission...making the world painting at a time.


  1. Beautiful painting and such a great way to keep the memory of good times alive....

  2. I love the painting, the Mission, and the artist behind both.xoxo


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