Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sketchbook - my short list of potential paintings

Before I paint I usually sketch to get a feel for the piece.  I am not real concerned with being neat...I just want everything to be in the right place...all the relationships to be correct...

This is part of my "Candid Camera" series.   I haven't painted this one yet...it is on my short list of things to do. I like the profile and intense look on her face.  A tentative title is "Shoot."  

This is Emily...the mother of the two little ballerinas I love to paint.  She is beautiful and has the most amazing features...large blue eyes and curly blonde hair...I just can't wait to paint her....also on my short list!

This is a little ballerina holding an American Girl doll also wearing a tutu.  I love the body position...the angle of the head and the arm.  I want the skirt to dominate the lower part of the canvas.  I will call it "Hello Dolly"

Having said all that I have a ton of paintings to get to.  I have so many ideas and so many concepts I just cannot paint fast enough.  These three are on my short list...but I have a LOOOOOOOOONG list also!

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