Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hold Steady

Hold Steady
9 x 12
Oil on Raymar Panel

What would you do to get the perfect shot?  I am amazed at some of the lengths I will go to for a great resource photo.  I have been painting this series of people taking and posing for photographs.  When I saw this couple, balancing the camera on her head, so he could get the perfect shot I felt like I had been given a gift!  They were working on the perfect shot and so was I!  I smiled the whole time I painted remembering the scene.   

What lengths would you go to to get the perfect shot?


  1. Oh Maria this one is so funny. I've seen people do that before and it cracks me up each time. This is a fun painting Maria.
    Also wanted to say I'm glad you've kept up with your sketching. The most recent ones on your blog are great. Isn't it fun to look back on them?

  2. This is so cute and funny and I can relate! Anything for a good photo! She looks so patient while he balances his camera on her head. I love it!


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