Sunday, August 5, 2012

Regula in Singapore

En guete, Regula
9 x 12
Oil on Raymar Panel

This is my entry in the Hilton Head Gang challenge for August.   Regula Scheifele was tasked with introducing this months challenge.  She had the great good fortune to be able to visit Singapore for three months and chronicled her visit in her Singapore blog.  The instructions are to visit her blog and paint any of the pictures she posted interpreting them any way we choose.  Since I love painting people and it IS Regula's challenge I decided on a picture of her dining at one of the fabulous eateries she discovered while there.   I must say she did blog a lot about food...


  1. Hi Maria,

    This was such an ambitious subject! I love the subtle smile on Regula's makes me smile :)



  2. I like the feel of this painting. It's very calm, perhaps because of the lovely expression on her face.
    Happy Painting.

  3. Such fun! She surely looks like she is enjoying her meal. Your works are so special....little windows into every day life.


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