Sunday, July 22, 2012

Child's Play - Fun and Games

"Child's Play"
12 x 24
Oil on Canvas

Remember when you would get together with your best friend and play...laugh and giggle at the silliest things?
I am sure I heard laughter and giggles while I painted this.  It was probably me remembering good times playing childhood games with friends.  
It is still that way today...laughing and playing with my best friends...though the games don’t involve playing “bicycle” much any more.  

Now the Challenge...I DO love challenges...send me a picture of yourself doing something wild and free that you used to love to do as a child.  Play hopscotch, jump rope, hide and seek...think of what used to make you very happy and just do it!  I will post the pictures on my blog.

I don't talk the talk without walking the walk so here I am ... with my trusty hula hoop!  I had my first hula hoop in California in the 50's...yikes!!!  I still love to play and it reminds me of carefree days in the California sunshine...

BTW...this is one that will NOT be reproduced on canvas!!!


  1. Love your Child's Play painting! Such a fun composition.
    And... I'm very impressed with hula hoop skills!! I'm not so sure I can hula like that anymore. Might be good for me!

  2. This is sweet Maria, you have their body positions just right. Look at you with that hula hoop, when I was a kid I could keep that thing up forever. You would think as our hips get bigger it would be easier, not, lol.


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