Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Before and After - Tale of a DO OVER

24 x 36
Oil on Canvas - DO OVER

I have been cleaning things out and trying to decide what to do with some paintings I did eons ago.  What do I do with paintings that are no longer worthy!?!  They get a do-over!    Above is the completed Do over...below is the before. The piece was much darker...the figures in the distance are not proportional or realistic and the line where the building meets the sidewalk is much too severe.  Brightening up this  piece was the key...then I added detail and worked to get the distance to look distant.

This was so much fun!  How often in life do we wish we could have a DO OVER!    

Before Do Over


  1. I am sure Karin Jurick would be proud of you. Great job! We all have studios full of things that need this!! Great job.

  2. What an incredible difference!! I love your do-over. Making it lighter really brings out your figure. Well done!

  3. What a difference (I'm really just copying what Linda said, I have no imagination...)~ I think it takes a certain eye to be able to DO this do-over. I call it 'doll- hospital' day when I take a stack and go through them. Never as successful as this, though! Good for you!~

  4. That's great to see how much your work has changed! Love your do-over.

  5. I don't think it is always easy reviving an old painting, but you brought a lot of light and new interest to this lovely piece! I'd hire you to do a do-over of me! LOL

  6. Wonderful do over! I really like the. Changes you made and it is fun to see your growth as an artist with the sophisticated changes to this piece. You did good;);)

  7. How long ago did you paint the original? I love your progression as an artist- and I can't wait to see what you're doing in 10 years! Your early work is so beautifully done as well (one of my favorites still is of Memere) and you have branched out to wonderful backgrounds and different styles and compositions. Love the do-over!

    1. I painted it in early 2010. I was working hard on the figure and really didn't care about the background. Now I am still working on figures and love my portraits, but want to concentrate of being able to put a decent background to support my work.

      Thank heaven I have had my little muses to help me along my journey! They do inspire me so!

      I think Memere will always be one of my favorite paintings.

      Thanks so much for the comment!


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