Thursday, March 8, 2012

Week 16 Hilton Head Gang

Week 16 finds us looking for the next member of the Hilton Head Gang...Karin Jurick’s motley crew of wayward artists...still evading capture.
Diane “The Flash” Howard so named because she doesn’t use one.  she purposely turns off her flash to get the proper shadows, lights and darks on her subject.  What she cannot accomplish with the camera she adjusts with her palette.  She is a master of color manipulation and can mask any subject to make them seem anonymous...she remains anonymous also...and uses the darkness to escaped the authorities.  
For more about the The Hilton Head Gang check out their blog at


  1. Nice, Looks great! You've captured her likeness in this mug. Love the red on the nose.

  2. I'm so glad you found time for painting between all those grandson hugs and kisses! Nice job on Diane!

  3. FABUlous job! Her eyes are gorgeous, and you did a masterful job on her nose and lip! Hoooray! I'll catch up soon... my main problem is I didn't make a folder for the images and have to hunt and hunt to find them!!! Silly artist....

  4. I like the depth here Maria, and she looks like she knows a secret we don't!


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