Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cupcake! Portrait of a little girl..

24 x 30

I loved painting this portrait and I loved the photo shoot.  This little girl was quite skeptical of me as I wielded my camera and tried to capture her digitally from every angle.  Trying to sketch was out of the question...she was just too fast for me!  We went for a walk, rocked baby dolls, petted the dog, put on shoes BUT when I brought out the cupcakes..we became fast friends!  She is such a delicate girly, girl with enormously gorgeous blue eyes and soft baby blonde hair I smiled the whole time I painted.  I am pleased to say her family was pleased with the portrait as well.  


  1. Adorable ! I can only imagine how pleased the parents were with this. Wonderful accomplishment Maria ... Great composition.

  2. So sweet! I love her hand beside the cupcake. Good job on her expression, too. I can see why her family loves this adorable portrait.

  3. This is wonderful Maria! Love the composition and her face and hair are adorable.

  4. i love her eyes and how they seem to be staring into my soul! The cupcake isn't so bad either :)

  5. Nice Maria. She has such a sweet expression on her face - like can a eat this now? I really like the depth you created with the shelves behind the girl.


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