Friday, March 23, 2012

Hilton Head Gang week 18 Kit "The Rebel"

The Hilton Head Gang has reached week 18!  Karin Jurick’s class from Hilton Head Island is still on the sidestepping authorities.  I must admit my company has slowed my pace a bit...but they will all vacate my home on Tuesday and I will be in my studio Wednesday morning to catch up.  So much to do! 

Kit "The Rebel"
4 x 4 Oil on board

Kit “The Rebel” Kit does things her own way...follows her own to the beat of a different drummer.  Kit hit town and immediately started shaking things up.  She shoots where no one else shoots...she paints what no one else paints...she is a true rebel.  If you think you know where Kit is or what she is are wrong...If you think you know where she don’t...AND if you think you can figure her guessed it...
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  1. I love these. They are amazing ... and so fun to look at.

  2. What a fab intense portrait Maria - sort of scary but I love how you have managed to express that with the colours and your brush strokes. This lady certainly looks like she would get her own way - like you said, a rebel!

  3. Great job on Kit! You got her little pucker face just right!

  4. So good! You got that pucker and her eyes just right! I like the colors in the skin.
    I can't believe there is only one more to go. It's been so fun.


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