Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Anticipation - Military Spouse Series

36 x 24
Oil on Canvas


Anticipation - Waiting for the birth of her child.  This is part of my military spouse series...this woman is a military spouse.  She is lucky her husband was with her for the birth of their child.  I know many military spouses who have had to have their children while their spouse was deployed.  It is a hard time..but the military family is strong and we stick together.  Help is always available.  

When my oldest son was born we were living in Germany.  I was two weeks from my due date and my husband was called out on maneuvers.  Since it was an exercise and not the real thing there was some leeway and my husband was allowed to come in and check on me.  He came in just in time! He rushed me to the hospital and a couple of hours later...literally a couple of hours...I had very quick labor and deliveries... I gave birth to our son! Of course as soon as I had given birth he left to rejoin his unit.  Since we were in Germany I didn't have any immediate family nearly and only immediate family was allowed to visit.  I heard the Battalion Commander's wife at the nurses station saying she wanted to visit. When they told her only family could enter the ward she replied "of course I am family!"  and she walked past the desk to see me.  

I have know much kindness in my life.  My goal is to pay back.  

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