Monday, August 15, 2016

Arlington - Military Spouse Series

Arlington - Military Spouse Series
36 x 30
Oil on Linen Canvas


I am continuing my Military Spouse with an emotional painting titled "Arlington."  Arlington is the Cemetery that lays to rest those who served in the military.  It is located in Washington DC.

The subject of this piece is the wife of a classmate of my husband, graduating from West Point in 1974.  We attended the funeral...the first Arlington funeral I attended.  The solemn, traditional ceremony was beautiful, meaningful and very moving.  

Since then I have laid holiday wreaths on the graves of fallen service members, specifically classmates of my husband.  Meeting the families is always a highlight of a solemn occasion.  They are from all over the country and have amazing stories of lives lived to the fullest.  Some stayed in the military after graduation, some followed other paths, but West Point shaped their lives in many ways and they have a camaraderie that cannot be denied.   

Of course the most moving burial was that of my father.  I am proud to say he is buried in Arlington.  His ceremony was beautiful.  The staff at Arlington is caring and professional.  I cannot imagine having a job that requires such compassion constantly.  I am forever grateful.  

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