Thursday, July 30, 2015

Salute - World War II Veteran - Honor Flight

Salute - World War II Honor Flight Veteran
16 x 20
Oil On Panel


I am continuing my "Salute" Series.  I started with World War II veterans on honor flights.  I would meet them at the World War II Memorial and ask for a salute.  Witnessing the pride they feel as they salute makes me feel so good about the series.  These are men and woman that truly preserved our freedom.  Finding male veterans is pretty easy...but actually finding female veterans from World War II is a challenge  

This Veteran was at the World War II memorial on a hot summer day.  She was proud to salute and I was proud to add her to my I said...finding female subjects is not an easy task.   She was also so impressed with the World War II memorial. 

Since I have enjoyed this series so much I have expanded it to include any veteran...the series is meant to honor the vets.  


  1. Maria, I admire you and your series! I guess I was surprised to read that this vet "was also so impressed with the World War II memorial", meaning she hadn't seen it before now. Of course...what was I thinking?...not every vet has seen the memorial. It just seems like something they would have been able to do sooner. I'm rambling. You just made me think about it for the first time. Humbling.

  2. What a powerful series Maria.


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