Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Honor Flight Salute

"Honor Flight Salute"
12 x 12
Oil on Panel


If you have never been to the National Mall in Washington DC to witness an Honor Flight you are missing an amazing event.  Honor Flights make sure Veterans get the chance to see the monuments erected in their honor.  Veterans come from all over the country at no personal expense.  An Honor Flight is arranged and executed totally by volunteers.  Pilots volunteer their time, airlines volunteer their aircraft, thousands of volunteers make sure veterans from our wars get to see the monuments and are recognized for their service.  It is truly a sight to see.  The Veterans are so proud of their service...there are handshakes, thank you's, and a wonderfully emotionally driven feeling throughout the area.  I love seeing these vets, so proud, so happy.  

Along with the veterans at the World War II memorial there are a group of swing dancers that spend their time dancing and entertaining.  They dance and make sure every vet is given attention with a twirl around the monument...a kiss on the cheek...or a handshake. 

With that in mind and my quest to paint scenes from military life I decided to do a series of paintings based on salutes from these veterans visiting the memorials.  This is my first piece.  He is a Korean War veteran and was very happy to offer a salute for my cause.  

To find out more about Honor Flights, or to help out, you can visit  

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  1. Beautiful post Maria. These Veterans should be so happy and SO proud!! And you should be so proud of this wonderful work you's a beautiful portrait!!


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