Sunday, May 31, 2015

Honor Flight Salute - World War II Veteran

Honor Flight Salute - World War II
14 x 11
Oil on canvas panel


Continuing my "Salute" series I am featuring a World War II veteran.  When I asked him to pose for me with a salute he got this stern look on his face like he really meant business.  He was in a wheel chair with an American flag attached to the back of his chair.  I am sure there will be a larger painting of this guy with his flag.  I think both compositions are perfect for this series.  

This project started in my mind featuring only World War II veterans.  Then, as I visited the World War II memorial and saw the vets from other wars...from other times I realized that the feeling I wanted to convey and the pride for their country and what they had accomplished was timeless.  So I have broadened my "Salute" Series and I welcome veterans...old and young...I ask them to salute and I am amazed by the way their demeanor brightens.  

So I continue...

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