Monday, September 29, 2014

Swing Dancers - Honor flight - World War II memorial

Swing Dancing
oil on Raymar panel
8 x 16


After all the excitement seeing the swing dancers at the World War II memorial last weekend I just had to do a quick sketch of two of the dancers caught in action.  They do a wonderful show...entertain the visitors and get many up on their feet to try their hand a swinging!  Such fun to watch! 

I am also working on a larger piece of my brother.  I flew to Chicago and he sat for me to paint him from life.  He sat and looked out the window, playing his harmonica.  He played for a long time...thanks to me!  My challenge was getting the likeness and capturing his hand gestures without making him stop.  This is a work in progress...lots left to do but I am excited about it.  


  1. I LOVE these kind of paintings!!! This is going to be fabulous, the mood,composition and colors are wonderful Maria!


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