Monday, September 1, 2014

Kisses - International School of Bangkok Reunion 2014

ISB 30 in 30 Series
10 x 10


For years my brother, Vince, has been encouraging me to attend an International School of Bangkok, Thailand (ISB) all class reunion.  We attended ISB during our high school years and they have a reunion every other year for anyone who has ever attended.  Vince has been going for a long time...I hesitate every year for unknown reasons.  This year I decided I would join in the fun and attend.  It was held in San Jose and we had great fun.  Thanks to all the people who make the magic happen every other year!  

AS YOU CAN SEE...Vince has his reasons for attending!  

This painting is the first of my 30 in 30 for the Leslie Saeta Challenge.  I am going to paint scenes from the ISB reunion and thanks to many talented photographers who have generously offered to let me paint their photos I have lots of pictures to choose from! 

These paintings will all be for sale for $150 each regardless of the size.  


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