Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Little Pianist

The Little Pianist
16 x 20
Oil on Raymar Panel


I have a dear friend on Facebook who posts pictures of her adorable grandchild and I just cannot resist painting some of them.  It is not only good practice for me...it makes me happy.  I love this little songbird.  When I started sketching this scene I loved it right away.  That doesn't always happen...but when it does I feel like a million bucks!  

scroll down to see the progression.

This is the first sketch.  I approach different paintings in different ways.  Most of the time I block in colors and shapes and then keep refining until I get the look I want.  This time I actually drew the piano.  I wanted to make sure the lines were correct.  I really like the look of the block in.  So now I begin putting in more of the color.

I have the piano sketched in and I am pleased with the look.  I love the little red panties.  

My final task was to put in the light from the window.  I mixed some white and a bit of lemon yellow and a touch of yellow ochre for a bright mixture then scraped it across the piano with my palette knife.  I also scraped some on the piano bench.  


  1. This painting shows your love for the subject and light. It is wonderful Maria.

  2. Love it Maria, thank you for sharing the steps with us!


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